In Which I Turn 31 Years Old

Thirty one years of life on this Earth. Most of them, disappointments. Most of them, lonely. Most of them, depressing and unsuccessful. Most of them spent at dead-end jobs, making barely enough to get by. I wonder why I’m so unmotivated when I have so much ambition, I wonder why I’m so lazy when I […]

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In Which I Stop Caring

I took your advice, friends. I’ve started to just focus on me, which has led me to stop caring about finding someone. It’s weird to go from not caring about anything, to caring too much and being too sensitive about everything, to not caring about what people think or about finding someone. I’ve decided that […]

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#7: I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy Ever since I graduated from high school in ’05, I’ve stopped giving a fuck about what people think of me. I’ve always been the type who thinks any publicity is good publicity, since the whole idea is to get people talking about you. In high school, it […]

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#8: Hate Everyone by Say Anything Misanthropy has always been a part of who I am. Maybe it was being bullied a lot as a kid/teen, maybe it’s been the ~15 years of working customer service/retail, maybe I’m just an asshole with no faith in humanity who judges every book by its’ cover. Whatever it […]

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In Which Our Hero Feels…Weird

Honestly, I’m not even sure what to write anymore. I’ve lost all motivation to create, whether it be writing or making music. It’s very disheartening to me because I feel as though I need and could benefit greatly from a creative outlet, but all the ideas I have just remain ideas. I have five pieces […]

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#9: Pain by Jimmy Eat World It’s funny. I heard this song when it came out and I thought “huh, this is pretty good”. Bleed American was such a great album, though I didn’t appreciate it until well into my mid-twenties, but when Futures came out I didn’t really give a shit. I’ve still only heard “Pain” off […]

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