Where The Fuck Have I Been?

Hey, fellow dragonauts. I’m writing you because, as Every Time I Die once titled a song, I been gone a long time.

Around November in 2016, I had a complete break in my mental state. My (now ex-) girlfriend and my mother pushed me to seek help, which I did and I found out that in addition to general anxiety, I have major depressive. I’ve been put on medication as well as a vitamin B complex which acts to boost my medicine’s effects. Things slowly began to get better, I stopped feeling so shitty and angry and upset 24/7, but then my girlfriend and I ended up breaking up. It was mutual, we both agreed that we have too much work to do as individuals and that breaking up was the best thing we could do. We’re still very good friends, she’s still our cat’s mom even though he’s living with me in Connecticut.


So that’s life for me now. Please stay tuned, I’m going to be paying a LOT more attention to the blog from here on out.


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