#8: Hate Everyone by Say Anything

Misanthropy has always been a part of who I am. Maybe it was being bullied a lot as a kid/teen, maybe it’s been the ~15 years of working customer service/retail, maybe I’m just an asshole with no faith in humanity who judges every book by its’ cover. Whatever it is, I’ve never been fond of people, preferring my own company to the company of others (even my friends and significant others, though it’s not at all in a negative way).

When this song came out, I thought to myself “eh, there will never be a Say Anything album as good as …Is A Real Boy nor will there be any song as good as any of the tracks off of that album”. Until this track, I had been right…In Defense of The Genre wasn’t anything to write home about (“Shiksa” was a decent track, honestly), though Satan knows I gave it many chances to prove me wrong. I enjoy Max Bemis as a vocalist and lyricist, I even understand where he’s coming from now that I further understand myself, but I had sort of cooled on Say Anything after being wholly unimpressed with IDOTG. Then I heard this song and, while I never gave the rest of Anarchy, My Dear a proper chance, I was floored. Someone else out there hated everyone and thought everything was stupid and pointless! Just like me! It was oddly comforting to know that I wasn’t the world’s biggest misanthrope, but it’s a title I’m still vying for every day.


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