New Job, Same Attitude.

      Well, it’s been almost a week since I started my new liquor store job. It’s different than Andy’s, I’m doing both register and floor duties. Hauling up pallets of beer, booze, and wine isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but it’s been hell on my back. Thank fuck we have […]

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(Format) Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

I’ve decided to switch this blog from just a PURE music blog to something I can write in every day, share different kinds of music on, and just dick around with. Not like I’m writing this to anyone, no one reads this fucking thing except me, anyway. My life is becoming bleaker by the day, […]

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The Heavy Crawls-S/T Review

Artist: The Heavy Crawls Release:The Heavy Crawls From: Kiev, Ukraine Genres: Rock, Stoner, Blues Released:29/09/16 Score: 8.5 Summary: Jack of all trades, Master of Reality   This band is new to me, though a quick glance at their bandcamp reveals that they’ve got several releases under their belts already, though remain relatively unknown. The bluesy […]

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Goya-Doomed Planet Review

Artist: Goya Release: Doomed Planet Genres: Doom, Punk Released: 30/10/16 Score: 7 Summary: The same, but different. This EP is comprised of three original Goya tracks and a Marilyn Manson cover closing it out  The opening two tracks are lengthy, unrelenting slabs of doom; Goya’s speciality. Though not necessarily groundbreaking, the tracks are solid and […]

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Special Double Playlist Day: Doomed in Space, Vol 2 / caligula’s Top Ten Albums As Of Right Now!

OH MY HOLY FUCK, IT’S MUSIC CHRISTMAS! Not only do I have the SECOND in our ongoing Doomed in Space metal playlist series, but I put together a playlist of the top ten ALBUMS (FULL albums) that I love as of today (October 29th, 2016)! It’s like goddamn Hanukkah, Christmas, Cthulu’s birthday, and Chinese New […]

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Odds & Ends vol. 3 – JOY!

This week’s Odds & Ends playlist has arrived!  A bit eclectic in nature, sure, bu isn’t that the point of an O&E playlist anyways? The playlist starts with glorious avant-punk opener “Joy” by Canada’s Nomeansno, then goes from there to White Zombie’s earliest material “Gentleman Junkie”, which recently came to my attention on their 2016 […]

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